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About Rusted rooster

Let’s start at the beginning. When an idea was everything, and nothing was certain. There was no Dream Team. Just a few dreamers, with a desire to tell the realest stories. We had a foundation to build. Lights flickered. Old molds shattered. New molds took shape. When the rooster crowed and the curtains lifted, we emerged renewed, focused. With a new purpose. To Be Alive. We set out to build a Dream Team. Only the brightest minds would do. The artists, visionaries, thinkers, and doers of the next generation. We hand-picked the most creative, the most driven. We gave them a place to grow, where they could dig into the deepest corners of their wondrous minds. Now we work. For the great things.

our process
Breaking the mold has long been the vision of our team.
we push the limits and blaze new trails into the world of production.













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